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A Teacher Training College is now called a institute of Education because Training is somewhat mechanical and narrow, whereas education is a wider concept: comprehensive and broad-based. We train animals, but we educate human beings.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled standards of Teachers' Training Education outcomes. The Institute is looking at the future with excitement. We are expanding our training and research activities in many important areas. The Institute is actively organizing numerous community outreach programs. The Institute has already made its mark in the Teacher Training and education services

We will continue to build on our history of providing outstanding teacher training education to the community. Understanding your needs, we have created this web site to provide access to information about the extensive courses and  services that we have at The "Maa Tara Institute of Technical Education". We invite you to find out more about our program and services on the pages of this website and feel free to directly contact us or the respective departments for more information."